The spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), which can be chemical, biological, or nuclear, has significantly enhanced threat levels and insecurity on our planet. The potential for enormous loss of life, far greater than casualties resulting from conventional wars between nations, and total disruption of life for prolonged periods pose a great danger to all of humanity. The danger is more pronounced because of the emergence of terrorism as the method of choice by supporters and proponents of Jihad, an Islamic concept developed in the Middle East by early Muslims who justified and sanctified acts of war against non-Muslims in pursuit of the total “Islamization” of the world. There are many nations that possess weapons of mass destruction. However, weapons of mass destruction (especially nuclear weapons) in the hands of rogue nations (i.e. nations committed to authoritarian, dictatorial, or exclusivist regimes) pose an even greater danger due to the possibility of these weapons slipping into the hands of Jihadi terrorists.

Therefore, we urge all elected officials to support legislation intended to limit testing and ban proliferation. Specifically, we must ensure the denuclearization of Pakistan and strongly oppose any attempts by Iran and North Korea to develop and deploy nuclear weapons. We also ask you to support measures aimed at eliminating the obvious and real threats posed by the easy availability of nuclear weapons and know-how in the republics of the former Soviet Union.

We strongly oppose the development of non-conventional weapons and delivery systems including long range ballistic missiles by Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea. Hence, we seek strong support from all elected officials to make all resources available to combat effectively the threats posed by these nations and weapons of mass destruction.