Terrorism is a form of violence that cannot be equated with any other crimes known to humanity. Terrorism is a method by which certain individuals and groups, including States, engage in an act of violence for the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere of terror. The terrorists believe that striking terror in the hearts and minds of their opponents is in itself a success for their “causes”. Neither do they adhere to any conventions of war nor do they show any respect for human lives. Hence, no civilized society or nation can afford to ignore the global threat posed by the terrorists, especially Jihadi Terrorists. Although nations have made major achievements in confronting this menace, humanity has a long way to go in eradicating terrorism. India is the biggest victim of terrorism and Hindus are the main targets.

It is the only country in the world which is a victim of Jihadi, Christian and Communist (Maoist) terrorism all at once. India has lost more innocent men, women and children to terrorism than any other nation on the planet. The statistics alone is shocking. As the public resentment grows stronger in India, greater efforts in curbing terror will become a priority for the government.

The delay in the execution of terrorists who have been found guilty by the courts, lack of cooperation to law enforcement agencies in identifying and monitoring potential terror suspects, public utterances by religious and political leaders glorifying terror and instigating Muslims and Christians for political considerations are all contributing to an atmosphere of mistrust and animosity between Hindus and other faiths.

Understanding Jihad and Islamic Terrorism

Jihad is as old as Islam itself. Although moderate elements within Islam have interpreted Jihad as a call for personal purification or internal struggle, Jihad has been traditionally identified with Islamic Conquest of non-believers or “Infidels”. Jihad gained currency in the 20th century after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Today, almost all radical movements within Islam embrace Jihad as a holy war against all infidels (Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists). The Jihadists have formed a global network so that their cooperation will yield greater success in realizing a world with out “Infidels”.

In this age of terrorism, where Hindus are the greatest victims of this menace, mainstream Muslim religious leaders have a historic duty to isolate themselves from those who embrace terrorism. While recent gestures by Muslim religious leaders are a step in the right direction, more efforts must be undertaken by them to isolate and punish those who are responsible for these crimes against humanity. The reluctance of many religious leaders to isolate members of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) casts a big shadow on the genuineness of the Fatwa issued against terrorism by the Deobandi School. It is the Muslim community that must come forward and demand punishment for the guilty and fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies as they do in western countries.

Christian Terrorism

Christian Terrorism was associated with the Irish Republican Army (a Catholic body) which waged a war against Protestant Britain. The IRA finally negotiated a peace agreement with the British Government. There are other Christian Groups worldwide that are recognized by the US State Department as terrorist organizations. However, they do not pose a significant threat to major populations. The only other known form of Christian Terrorism in the world today is in the form of militant Christian Organizations that had sprung up in the Northeast of India.

These groups have killed thousands of Hindus as part of their strategy to carve out separate Christian Nation States in this remote region of India. Their main supporters are the Southern Baptists based in the United States and New Zealand. The United Liberation Front of Assam, National Socialist Council of Nagaland-(Isak-Muivah), National Liberation Front of Tripura, National Democratic Front of Bodoland and the Hmar People’s Convention- Democracy are the major Christian Terrorist Organizations operating in the Northeast of India. The members of these organizations are Christians and they are all engaged in an armed rebellion against Hindus and India to carve out separate countries where Christianity will be the official religion.

Although mainstream Christians are known to be peace loving and law abiding, the leadership of various Christian Denominations are not forthcoming in their condemnation of these Christian Terrorists and their demands for secession from the Indian Union.