Religious Tolerance

Hindus unconditionally and unilaterally accepts all paths as valid. It is more than mere tolerance. Many religions around the world harbor intolerance for the followers of other religions. This intolerance breeds discomfort and mistrust between religions. Hindus had always developed a healthy attitude towards the adherents of other religions. The Hindu view is not just to tolerate other religions, but to accept the validity of all paths. The idea of acceptance is far superior to that of tolerance.

The intolerance for Hindu ideas and ways of worship remains a major cause for conflicts between Hindus and other faiths, especially certain denominations within Christianity and Islam. Hindu leaders have never questioned the dogmas of other faiths. Hindus never proclaimed that those who are not Hindus will go to “Hell”. Hindus have never said that the symbols of other religions are “demonic”. Hindus do not accept the religious ideas of others. However, they have never tried to provoke other faiths by being totally insensitive. When it comes to tolerance, Hindus do not need any certificate from any faith in the world. For us, it is not a policy, but a spiritual value. Just as other faiths have a lot to offer to the world as a whole, including Hindus, all faiths will be benefited by learning more about the Hindu outlook on religious tolerance. Hindus, having thousands of religious traditions, have demonstrated to the world how religious co-existence can be practiced in our daily lives.