What are the criteria for becoming a USHA Member?

Applicant must be a Hindu. Applicant must be a current resident of the United States. US Citizens living abroad can apply provided they submit proof of citizenship (such as copy of the US Passport). Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

Are there many types of membership?

Yes. USHA has four types of memberships. The membership dues for each type are shown below.

Primary Member – $5.00 per person/year (Please pay at least for two years)
Life Member – $251.00 per person for life
Patron – $1001.00 per person for life
Grand Patron – $5001.00 per person for life

Are there any free memberships available?

USHA Membership is free to all Hindus attending a college or university in the continental United States. Students must submit proof in the form of a student ID along with the membership application. US Citizens studying abroad can become members by submitting a copy of the US Passport and proof of admission in a foreign educational institution.

Can one pay for multiple years?

Yes. We recommend all applicants for primary membership to pay for at least two years. You can pay for more than two years if desired.

Will my personal information be shared or sold for commercial purposes?

No. USHA will protect the confidentiality of all personal information provided in the membership form by applicants. No other organization, whether for profit or non profit, shall have access to confidential membership information.

Can I enroll my family members and friends in USHA?

USHA Membership is based on the individual and not the family. If you have multiple adults in your family, we welcome them to be our members. Each person must fill out a separate membership form. We also encourage you to support USHA by actively soliciting membership from your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Do all members have a say in the organization?

Primary members do not enjoy voting rights. All other types of memberships enjoy voting rights. However, all members enjoy the right to participate fully in all the projects and activities of USHA.