The United States is a nation of natives with an overwhelming immigrant majority. Hence, it is unique among nations past and present. At no time in the history of humanity has there been a development that has led to the cohabitation of such a heterogeneous population. The population of the United States is indeed the microcosm of the world, and it is important to continue the tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world, especially the persecuted.

In this new century, we ask all elected officials to support the legal immigration of people from other countries. Immigrants from India, mostly Hindus, have had a significant role in ensuring America’s continued prosperity and progress. The mental openness of Americans and the vastness of America’s landmass make legal immigration possible and logical, spurring further economic development and growth.

We ask all candidates to support the “high technology” industry, the engine of growth for the new economy, by providing the assistance necessary to bring qualified professionals from India and other countries through the H-1B visa program. In the absence of legislation that brings information technology professionals from abroad, American industry will suffer in the years to come. We also seek the support of all candidates to work for a new visa category through which qualified cooks can be brought to the U.S. from India . Because of primitive immigration laws, restaurants offering Indian cuisine in America are forced to rely on non-professionals for preparing various cuisines from India. A limited number of qualified cooks coming from India every year to the U.S. will neither endanger the domestic job market nor have any other negative impact. Conversely, it will change the quality of food being offered in the hundreds of Indian restaurants, a great concern to the 2 million Hindu Americans in particular, and, the rest of American society in general.