Crime & Punishment

The high rate of crimes in the United States is one of the worst among nations. Although most Americans are law-abiding, criminal behavior is high and a serious cause for concern. In the age of terrorism, there must be radical changes in the way we fight crime. We seek the support of Congress on a ban of assault weapons, which are the weapons of choice for violent criminals. We also urge candidates to endorse necessary legislation that will improve public education by including yoga and meditation in the curriculum. Both yoga and meditation have been proven to be effective methods for reducing stress and mental tension. A calm, composed, and peaceful mind is less likely to engage in violent crimes. In addition, the benefits of non-violence should be taught to all students so that we can build a more civil, peaceful, and stronger America .

We call for modifications in the death penalty law in order to eliminate the possibilities of error, to the extent possible. We strongly believe in the dictum that it is more desirable to see a thousand criminals go unpunished than punish one innocent person.

We urge Congress and all governmental bodies to monitor hate crimes in America vigilantly. We also demand swift and aggressive prosecution of those who engage in these types of crimes.