Projects & Activities

Voter Awareness Campaign

Through this project, we encourage voter registration, voter participation and voter awareness. USHA is the only Hindu organization engaged in grass roots voter registration drives.

Citizenship Programs

Through this program, we encourage all Hindus to become American Citizens and educate them about the duties and responsibilities that accompany citizenship. We also address naturalization related issues through this program.

Media Relations

Media relations is an important project of USHA. Through a variety of ways, we wish to improve the image of Hindus in the media and address issues related to fairness and accuracy in coverage.

Governmental Affairs

Interacting with elected and appointed officials at local, state and federal levels is a vital part of our efforts to improve the security and wellbeing of Hindus.

Internship Programs

USHA encourages young Hindus to participate in the process by facilitating internships in government, media and within the USHA organization.

Community Relations

USHA has a variety of activities to interact with the leadership of the Hindu Communities at the local level.

Youth/Student Relations

Youths perform an important role in USHA activities. We have many activities to promote greater participation of youths at the campus level and national level.

Inter-Community Relations

Maintaining cordial relations with various faith communities as well as racial and ethnic groups is the focus of this project.

International Affairs

There are many international issues in which Hindus have a major stake. Through this project USHA attempts to protect Hindu interests worldwide by interacting with global organizations and various governments.

Hindu Defense Fund

This project is aimed at improving USHA’s financial resources. Activities include fundraising dinners, internet campaigns and sponsorships.

Roma Affairs

USHA recognizes the plight of Romas around the world and organizes events to improve awareness about this community.

Conflict Resolution

This project promotes the resolution of conflicts, especially those involving Hindus through dialogue and diplomacy.

Chanakya Center

Through this project, USHA organizes seminars and conferences to offer Hindu perspectives on Current Issues.

Kashmir Awareness

This project organizes special events and seminars to educate the public on the history of the Kashmir Dispute and the plight of Hindus in Kashmir.

Counter Terrorism

The main focus of this project is to educate the public, media and political leaders on the need and ways to fight terrorism everywhere.